Pomi-T FAQ

Common Questions and Answers

This page contains some common questions we have received since the launch of Pomi-T®. If these still do not answer your question please feel free to contact us.

Q. What is in Pomi-T®?
A. Pomi-T® is a capsule containing only the following ingredients: Broccoli (Brassica oleracea) (florets and stalks) powder, turmeric (Curcuma longa) (root) powder, pomegranate (Punica granatum L) (whole fruit) powder and green tea (Camellia sinensis) (leaf) extract 5:1.

Q. What are the equivalent whole foods in Pomi-T®?
A. Broccoli: 150mg dried vegetable extract, equivalent to 750mg of whole broccoli.
Pomegranate: 150mg extract, equivalent to approximately 170mg of pomegranate.
Green tea: 30mg powder, equivalent to 150mg herb.
Turmeric: 150mg dried whole powder.

Q. Does Pomi-T® contain any additives?
A. No – there are absolutely no preservatives, colours, flavours, chelating or bulking agents, only pure active ingredients.

Q. Are you sure the ingredients are genuine and free from contaminants?
A. Absolutely – the UK manufacturers have a long and strong history of quality assurance and compliance with international standards. They also do their own in-house analysis of each ingredient looking for purity and authenticity. As Pomi-T® was designed to be part of a national scientific study, this quality assurance even included a mass spectrometry analysis from an independent University.

Q. What is the outside of the capsule made of?
A. Standard gelatine (bovine source); vegans could use Pomi-T® by opening the capsule and pouring the ingredients onto food.

Q. Are the ingredients organic?
A. There are completely natural products. However, they are not registered with the relevant organic certification bodies within the source countries.

Q. What are the health benefits of polyphenol rich diets?
A. Diets rich in polyphenols, the natural plant-based phytochemicals found in healthy foods, have been linked with lower risks of chronic illnesses. A healthy lifestyle including a polyphenol rich diet has been linked to a slower rate of PSA progression among men.

Q. What is the recommended intake?
A. Pomi-T® is not a drug so there is no specific dosage and it is designed to be taken as part of a healthy balanced diet. Daily dosage depends on the food intake for that day. For example, a day with a good diet including plenty of dark green vegetables, berries, fruit and teas would only require one tablet, whereas, on an average day then 2-3 would be better. Men within the Pomi-T trial took 2 tablets a day, in general this would be a good dosage recommendation. Taking Pomi-T® with a fish oil tablet may increase the absorption of the turmeric.

Q. Should I take Pomi-T® at a certain time of day?
A. Pomi-T® can be at a dosage of one capsule twice a day. You can take it with or without food, but those with sensitive stomachs are recommended to take it after food, for example after breakfast and after lunch which will give you protection throughout the day.

Q. What is the age limit for Pomi-T®?
A. Pomi-T® can be taken at the age of 16 and above.

Q. Can I take Pomi-T® have if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?
A. There is no evidence that turmeric, broccoli, pomegranate or green tea adversely affects pregnancy, although the safety of these supplements in pregnancy and lactation has not been established.

Q. What are the side effects of Pomi-T®?
A. Independent scientific analysis from the Pomi-T® trial showed no statistically significant difference in side effects between Pomi-T® and placebo.

Q. Can I take Pomi-T® during chemotherapy?
A. Consumption of Pomi-T® is best avoided 1 day before and 3 days after the administration of chemotherapy medication.

Q. How much Caffeine is in Pomi-T®?
A. On average 1000mg of green tea contains 7.6 mg of caffeine. As Pomi-T® contains 150mg of green tea, it contains approximately 1.15 mg of caffeine. For reference, a cup of decaffeinated coffee has 2-12 mg caffeine, and a can of coke has 32 mg caffeine.

Q. Why were these four ingredients combined by the trial design committee?
A. The hypothesis of the specific food blend within Pomi-T® is that combining foods from different categories (fruit, vegetable, spice and leaf) provides a broad range of polyphenols, each with their unique properties, whilst at the same time avoiding over-consumption of one particular type which could lead to excess if taken in the long term.

Q. What other studies are in the pipeline for Pomi-T®?
A. All 4 ingredients have anti-inflammatory properties, so the latest trial will evaluate the effect of Pomi-T® on arthritis.

Q. Can food supplements be taken together with medicinal products?
A. Since Pomi-T® contains only 4 whole food ingredients, if your doctor has not advised you to take any particular types of foods apart from your medicines, it is unlikely that you will need to take any special precautions.

Q. Can I take Pomi-T® with my usual supplements such as glucosamine, multivitamins
and omega etc. If I take Pomi-T®, can I still take these supplements? Can Pomi-T® replace all these supplements? If not, can I take all these supplements with Pomi-T® at the same time?

A. Yes, you can continue to take your usual supplements. Pomi-T® is meant to be taken as part of a healthy diet. The formulation of Pomi-T® is different from most other supplements, and it is not meant to replace other supplements. Avoid taking Pomi-T® at the same time as supplements that are meant to be taken apart from food.

Q. Are there any concerns with taking Pomi-T® while I am on prescription medications?
A. The doses of ingredients in Pomi-T® are unlikely to cause any practical issues with taking Pomi-T® while on prescription medications. However as a precaution, if you are on warfarin, please let your doctor know before taking Pomi-T®. It is advised to monitor INR levels within the first 2 weeks of starting Pomi-T®. Study participants who were on warfarin in the Pomi-T® study did not experience problems from drug interactions.

Q. Do I have to keep Pomi-T® in the refrigerator?
A. Pomi-T® should be stored in a cool dry place away from light. Storage in the refrigerator is acceptable.

Q. If I am sensitive to caffeine, can I still taking Pomi-T®?
A. You may still consider taking Pomi-T®, as the amount of caffeine due to its green tea content is very low. On average 1000mg of green tea contains 7.6 mg of caffeine. As Pomi-T® contains 150mg of green tea, it contains approximately 1.15 mg of caffeine. For reference, a cup of decaffeinated coffee has 2-12 mg caffeine, and a can of coke has 32 mg caffeine.

However, if you have an allergy to caffeine, ie will break out in hives, rashes, difficulty breathing, then do not take Pomi-T®.

Q. How long will it take for me to feel the effects of the supplements?
A. Just as the effects of a healthy diet are long term and are seen over a lifetime, it is difficult to say when you would feel an observable effect from supplements. However, we do know that it is always important to maintain a balanced diet for good health.

Q. Do I have to take Pomi-T® every day? Can I take every alternate day?
A. Polyphenols act as antioxidants and provide the anti-inflammatory power contained in fruits and vegetables. They protect cells and body chemicals against tissue damage caused by free radicals. Hence, one is strongly recommended to consumer Pomi-T® daily.

Q. If I cannot consume capsules, what are the other alternatives to take Pomi-T®?
A. You can open the capsule and pour the ingredients onto your food.