Feedback from Pomi-T Customers

A selection of feedback and personal observations received from people taking Pomi-T on a regular basis.

If you have any further comments that may be beneficial to others and that may assist the further development of Pomi-T please let us know.

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Pomi-T Testimonials

I have taken POMI-T for nearly 3 months, originally after seeing it on TV as a possible treatment for prostate cancer and I thought it may be a sensible insurance as I am now in the at risk age group.
What I have noticed is a great improvement in an arthritic knee condition such that I will avoid a total knee replacement for the foreseeable future, along with this tendons have lengthened enabling better knee flexion.
I can touch my toes easily for the first time in years.
My Specialist believes that the turmeric has relieved inflammation, as I am allergic to conventional anti- inflammatories this is a great benefit.
I have recommended POMI-T to a number of friends who having played sports in their younger years have similar issues with joints.
Mr T Bromley

Urologist feels unlikely to help at my age (82) but since being on Pomi- T, PSA increase has slowed markedly.

Is Pomi-T for real? I have been diagnosed with prostate cancer and was advised that active surveillance was a good option at present.
My PSA has dropped by 30% – how long do you think this will last.

My friend in Torrevieja, tells me his PSA value is now down to 10.5 from 16 and falling since taking Pomi-T and is passing water better.